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 +===== MScript Program Structure Diagram =====
 +[[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Structure_chart|Program Structure Diagram]] is a good way to visualize mScript to assess the program flow and the complexity.
 +==== Labeling MScript Block=====
 +Each mScript tag is described in the diagram. The label is generated automatically. However you can specify the label for each mscript tag by supplying the "​comments"​ attribute, e.g.
 +    <action code="​$click('​id=loginBtn'​)"​ comment="​click on login button"/>​
 +The above mscript will be displayed with "click on login button"​ as the label.
 +[[commentsTag|MScript comments]] "<​!-- my notes -->"​ will be displayed as a yellow sticky note attached to the mscript tag that follows it.
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