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   ADDON.HPALM.BUG.ENABLED=true/​false,​ if enable defect interface   ADDON.HPALM.BUG.ENABLED=true/​false,​ if enable defect interface
-  ADDON.HPALM.CLASS=com.webmbt.alm.addon.qc.AddOnQC+  ADDON.HPALM.CLASS=com.webmbt.alm.addon.AddOnQC
   ADDON.HPALM.DOMAIN=your QC project domain   ADDON.HPALM.DOMAIN=your QC project domain
   ADDON.HPALM.REQ.ENABLED=true/​false,​ if enable requirement interface   ADDON.HPALM.REQ.ENABLED=true/​false,​ if enable requirement interface