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Remote Agent

Remote Agent is used to integrate TestOptimal with your 3rd party automation tools. It operates on the plain http, as long as the external tool can send and receive http requests, you can integrate it with TestOptimal. This covers pretty much any tools on the market.

Below are a few examples of remote agents you can create to extend TestOptimal to test your application using your existing test automation framework like QTP, Rational Robot and Functional Tester, TestComplete and SilkTest, etc. The remote agent must implement the API to communicate with TestOptimal server as described in RemoteTriggerPlugin and RemoteCommandPlugin.

Refer to Agent Integration Process for details on how to develop an integrated remote agent with TestOptimal.

You may also start the model execution remotely from the agent. The following are the url requests for starting model executions in the remote agent:

If you are using java agent, you can remote start the model with execModel(userID, password, mbtMode, mCase).

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