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Remote Agent - AutoIT

This is an example remote agent to integrate TestOptimal with AutoIt, an open source automation tool for testing windows applications.

The main idea is to have the agent running within AutoIt and connect to TestOptimal server to receive the test sequence generated from the model. Because the agent is part of your AutoIt script, it has access to your existing AutoIt scripts to drive/test your windows applications. The execution result is then passed back to TestOptimal server to be recorded with the model.

Each remote command received from TestOptimal server is automatically executed dynamically as a function call. For example the command received “MBT_start” as the first command when the model starts will result in a function call to “MBT_start” (notice the exact same name).

The script below can be found in “script” folder in the download package. The file is: DemoAgent.au3. DemoAgent.au3 includes TOAgent.au3 which takes care of the communication with TestOptimal server. You should not modify TOAgent.au3.

To run this demo, first make sure TestOptimal server is started. Next start up AutoIt as you usually do and browse to “script” folder to open DemoAgent.au3.

When DemoAgent.au3 is started, you should see a series of dialog windows showing the remote commands it received from the server. Below is DemoAgent.au3 with comments inline to help explain how it works:

 ;init sets up communication to your model in this demo "Demo_RemoteAgent"
 init ("localhost", 8888, "Demo_RemoteAgent")
 MsgBox(0, "TOAgent", "Starting model execution on TestOptimal server")
 ; execModel opens the model remotely on TestOptimal server and executes it.
 ; two parameters are user id and password. In this demo security has not been enabled.
 execModel("", "")
 ; wait for a few second for the model execution to be started.
 MsgBox(0, "TOAgent", "Sleeping for 2 seconds for the model to start.")
 Local $cmd
 MsgBox(0, "TOAgent", "AgentID is: " & getAgentID())
 $showCmd = 1
 ; infinite loop until no more remote commands are received
 Local $result
     ; obtains the remote command from the model running on TestOptimal server
     $cmd = getNextCmd()
     if ($cmd = "") then
     If (getStatus() = "E") Then
       setStatus ("A", getStatsResult())
     if ($showCmd = 1) then
	 	$showCmd = MsgBox(1, "remoteCmd", "remote cmd is: " & $cmd & @LF & "Press cancel to skip showing this dialog.")
     ; add your logic to execute mbtCmd received from TestOptimal server
     ;    "C" for completion, "X" for failure, "E" for fatal error (cause MBT to exit)
     $result = execute($cmd)
     if @error then
      	if @error=1 then
	        setStatus ("", "noop")
	        setStatus ("X", "@error: " & @error & ", result: " & $result)
	  	setStatus ("C", $result)
 Until $cmd = ""
 MsgBox(0, "TOAgent", "TOAgent on AutoIT Finished!")
 ; stop the model execution (necessary for multiple virtual users)
 ; wait for couple of seconds for the model to come to stop.
 ; save execution stats with the model to be reviewed later
 MsgBox(0, "TOAgent", "Saving the execution results to be viewed with TestOptimal browser...")
 saveStat ("exec from AutoIT agent")
 ; close the model
 MsgBox(0, "TOAgent", "Execution summary: " & @LF & getExecSummary())
 ; Following functions are examples of user defined function to execute the remote command received.
 Func MBT_start()
	return "mbtStart executed"
 Func MBT_end()
	return "mbtEnd executed"
 Func OneQuarter_onentry()
	return "Entering ProductList"
 Func OneQuarter_onexit()
	return "Exiting ProductList"
 ; we purposely force a failure on addOneQuarter transition
 Func OneQuarter_addOneQuarter_action()
	return "addQuarter failed"
 Func OneQuarter_addOneQuarter_prep()
	return ""
 Func OneQuarter_addOneQuarter_verify()
	return ""
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