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Requirements View

»Menu: Model / Requirements View

Requirements View is a floating window within Model Editor that displays and manage requirements imported from file or external requirements system. You must have configured the integration with your requirement system using ALM Configuration.

Requirement Coverage

You can highlight the states and transitions that cover the specific requirement either in State Property or Transition Property or any of the MScript triggers associated with the state/transition.

Clicking on Coverage button highlights the requirements with different color based on the coverage: green for covered and orange for uncovered.

Requirement Details

TestOptimal can open the requirement item details of your ALM system by double clicking or selecting “Show Details” from the right mouse context menu.

Sync Requirements

Requirements are brought into model and made available to the Model Editor and MScript Editor.

When the requirements are changed in your ALM, you may wish to bring the updates into your model. To do so, click on Sync button to retrieve the requirements from the requirements source system and display the changes as shown below:

The requirements that have been changed have a checkbox. Check the checkbox on the requirements you wish to apply the updates and click on Import & Save button to apply the changes.

You can delete a requirement from the model by selecting Delete from context menu. Deleting a requirement item will not delete it from your ALM system.

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