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Modes of Model Executions

There are 3 ways to execute your MBT mode: Run (normal), Debug and Dry Run. These options are described below in more details.

  • Run - to execute MBT model using the sequencer specified for the model. The model runs in a dedicated thread. You can close your browser and come back to check its execution status later. You can use RemoteAccess to monitor and control MBT execution you started earlier from any SupportedBrowser.
  • Debug - to start MBT execution in debug mode. The execution will pause at the first breakpoint. You can set the breakpoint on a state, a transition or a mCase step. To set or remove a breakpoint, right mouse click on the state, transition or mCase step node and select Toggle Breakpoint.
  • Pause - to pause the MBT execution in both debug mode or normal execution mode.
  • Step Trans - continue and pause at the next transition/state. It stops before “onentry” trigger and “prep” trigger are executed.
  • Step mScript - step through each mScript line.

Both Step Trans and Step mScript will automatically highlight the current state/trans in the model graph . (release 3.0)

  • Resume - resumes the MBT execution to the next breakpoint or to completion.
  • Stop - stops the MBT execution.
  • DryRun - to execute MBT model without runnin java handler or mScript. Use DryRun to check the model.
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