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 +===== Modes of Model Executions =====
 +There are 3 ways to execute your MBT mode: Run (normal), Debug and Dry Run. These options are described below in more details.
 +  * Run - to execute MBT model using the sequencer specified for the model. The model runs in a dedicated thread. You can close your browser and come back to check its execution status later. You can use [[RemoteAccess|RemoteAccess]] to monitor and control MBT execution you started earlier from any [[SupportedBrowser|SupportedBrowser]].
 +  * Debug - to start MBT execution in debug mode. The execution will pause at the first breakpoint. You can set the breakpoint on a state, a transition or a mCase step. To set or remove a breakpoint, right mouse click on the state, transition or mCase step node and select **Toggle Breakpoint**.
 +  * Pause - to pause the MBT execution in both debug mode or normal execution mode.
 +  * Step Trans - continue and pause at the next transition/​state. It stops before "​onentry"​ trigger and "​prep"​ trigger are executed.
 +  * Step mScript - step through each mScript line.
 +Both Step Trans and Step mScript will automatically highlight the current state/trans in the model graph {{http://​TestOptimal.com/​img/​modelGraph.png}}. (release 3.0)
 +  * Resume - resumes the MBT execution to the next breakpoint or to completion.
 +  * Stop - stops the MBT execution.
 +  * DryRun - to execute MBT model without runnin [[WriteHandler|java handler]] or [[mScriptTab|mScript]]. Use DryRun to check the model.
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