Rumtime Server

Runtime Server as the name implies is used to execute models. Its main purpose is to run models, it can not be used for creating models and modify models.

Basic Runtime Server

Typically Runtime Servers are used in a dedicated and controlled environment like QA environment where models are execute in a known configuration.

Enterprise Runtime Server

Enterprise Runtime Server is a Runtime Server that allows multiple concurrent models to be executed on the same server. It allows models running in the same server to communicate with each other by sending messages. It also allows models running on different Enterprise Runtime Server to send messages to each other as if they are running on the same server.

Enterprise Runtime Server is licensed separately from Basic Runtime Server.

Runtime License

Runtime Servers license is purchased by server instance and license is shared. That is all users within the same organization which has purchased the license can share and use the same Runtime Server instance. This is different from ProMBT and Enterprise editions which are licensed to a name user.

A license server instance is defined as one instance of TestOptimal server running on the licensed host on the specific port#. Each server instance running on the same host but on different port# is considered a separate license instance.

Float License

Another license type for Runtime Server is float license. This is typically used in VM environment where Runtime Server is installed and one or multiple instances may be started. Float license is purchase by server instance and the license is not locked down to a specific host or port#. Float license requires the purchase of SvrMgr which offers additional features in server management and model deployment.

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