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Setting Up Custom Browser with Selenium

If you are using Selenium plugin and would like to test your web app using a browser that is not on the browser type drop-down list, you may define your own custom browser. See the list of standard browser list at the end of this page.

Before the custom browser can be used, it must be declared in config.properties which is located in /www/MbtSvr/config/ folder. Use any text editor to edit the file and declare the custom browser in the Selenium plugin definition:

 PLUGIN_Selenium=com.webmbt.plugin.SeleniumPlugin,localhost,4444,4444,*iexplore C\:\\Program Files (x86)\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe

The above Selenium plugin declares the custom iexplore browser.

Once the custom browser is declared, restart TestOptimal server and the customer browser is ready to be used to execute models. The custom browser is selected by editing MBT Setting property:

Below is the list of supported standard browsers for Selenium plugin:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • IExplore
  • Safari
  • Opera
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