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Selenium Plugin

Selenium plugin provides a set of MScript functions to perform test automation on your web application. Just like other plugins, you can enable it for each model and can be used with other plugins together.

Plugin Overview

Selenium plugin uses Selenium to drive your web applications with real browser in real-time as model is executing. You can use either MScript or java to call Selenium to drive your web applications. MScript is an xml-based scripting and Selenium plugin provides a rich set of MScript Functions.

Selenium supports various browsers to test your web applications as well as a simulated browser which offers much higher performance and more suited for running load testing when you need to simulate hundreds or thousands of users running models simultaneously.

MScript Functions

Chrome Config & Custom Profile

You can config Google Chrome browser by setting webdriver.properties. You may need to config this plugin using the information provided in the links below:

To set up Chrome browser to use a custom profile, edit webdriver_Selenium.properties and add/update the following setting:


For more information about Chrome Driver, please refer to Chrome Driver User Documentation

WebDriver Config

You may also configure Selenium/WebDriver by setting webdriver.properties file. See example webdriver.properties.

By default 32 bit IE driver is used, however you can change this default to 64 bit IE driver by editing webdriver.properties file. Alternatively you can call Selenium function $setCapabilityString() to dynamically change which IE driver to be used to launch AUT:


Firefox Custom Profile

This section assumes that you already has created a custom profile using Firefox Profile Manager. If not, following the instruction at How to Create Firefox Profile.

You may use custom Firefox profile by setting firefox.profile.loc in webdriver_Selenium.properties to point to the location/folder where your custom profile is stored:


Alternatively you can also set this during model execution in MBT_start trigger:

 <action lid="9" code="$Selenium.setCapabilityString('firefox.profile.loc','C:/path/to/my/filefox/profile')"/>

Element Locator

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