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 +[[Tag seqout|seqout tag]] allows you to turn system generated test sequence to java code or VBA script or whatever programming language you wish.
 +Below is an example of mScript to generate a java code that calls Selenium API to perform the testing when the transition is traversed.
 +<state id="​login">​
 +   <​transition id="​bLogin">​
 +     <​script type="​action">​
 +       <​seqout>​
 +         <​output>​
 +           ​this.getSeleniumSession().type("​id=userid",​ "​$getData('​loginUserID'​)"​);​
 +           ​this.getSeleniumSession().click("​id=password",​ "​$getData('​loginPassword'​)"​);​
 +           ​this.getSeleniumSession().click("​id=bLogin"​);​
 +         </​output>​
 +       </​seqout>​
 +     </​script>​
 +   </​transition>​
 +The above mScript generates the following java code when the transition "​bLogin"​ is traversed:
 +    this.getSeleniumSession().type("​id=userid",​ "​tst01"​);​
 +    this.getSeleniumSession().click("​id=password",​ "​xyz"​);​
 +    this.getSeleniumSession().click("​id=bLogin"​);​
 +where "​tst01"​ and "​xyz"​ were obtained from the variables "​loginUserID"​ and "​loginPassword"​ respectively.
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