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 +===== Server List=====
 +//Server List//, a tab page in [[server_manager_edition|Server Manager]], ​ displays the status of //​TestOptimal Runtime// servers known to [[server_manager_edition | Server Manager]]. ​ These servers include the servers configured in [[server_manager_edition|Server Manager]] as well as servers discovered at runtime.
 +==== Add Server====
 +To add a server to //Server Manager//, click on //Server / Add Server// menu to bring up the //Add Server// dialog: {{http://​testoptimal.com/​img/​AddServer.png}}
 +Enter the server host name and port number. You may run multiple //Runtime// servers on the same host but each //Runtime// server must be assigned a different port number. Same port number may be used for //Runtime// server for different host.
 +Category code is used by [[Model Orchestration with LoadPlugin|LoadPlugin]] to determine which //Runtime// server to dispatch the model execution. When category code is specified, it is also used by //Server Manager// to determine which license key to assign to the server. The category code is also used in [[Server Stats Tab|Server Stats Tab]] to select servers to display the stats.
 +//Start Cmd// must be a valid OS command. ​ It will be used to remotely start the //Runtime// server. For example for //​Windows//,​ you can use //Microsoft PsExec// (a free download available at [[http://​technet.microsoft.com/​en-us/​sysinternals/​bb897553.aspx|here]]),​ you would specify the //Start Cmd//:
 +  c:​\msTools\PsExec.exe \\mySvr1 -i c:​\TestOptimal\startTestOptimalServer.bat
 +Note the file path //​c:​\msTools\PsExec.exe//​ points to the downloaded [[http://​technet.microsoft.com/​en-us/​sysinternals/​bb897553.aspx|PsExec]] utility on //Server Manager// and //​c:​\TestOptimal\//​ is the file path to //​TestOptimal//​ installation directory on the remote host. //mySvr1// is the name of the host to run the //Runtime// server.
 +====Server Context Menu ====
 +  * //Ping// - check if //Runtime// server is up and running
 +  * //Renew Lic// - signal //Runtime// server to renew the license with //Server Manager//
 +  * //Details// - display the //Runtime// server attributes
 +  * //​StartCmd//​ - display and edit server //Start Cmd//
 +  * //Logs// - open the //Runtime// server log window
 +  * //IDE// - open the //IDE// for the //Runtime// server
 +  * //Start// - start the //Runtime// server (only valid for server configured and has //​StartCmd//​ defined).
 +  * //Stop// - stop the //Runtime// server
 +  * //​Interrupt//​ - interrupt model executions on the //Runtime// server
 +  * //Delete// - stop and delete the //Runtime// server
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