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Path: bottom pane / Server Log


Server Log dislays the log generatd by TestOptimal sever. Ths is the place where you can find the errors and exception stack traces.

The log file is located in /logs/ folder and is cleared automatically each time the server is restarted.

You can refresh the log from the server by clicking on the Server Log tab label.

The amount of log messages can be configured when necessary to help debug a problem. The log4J configuraton file (log4J.xml) is located at /www/MbtSvr/config/ folder (/www/config/ for release prior to 3.0). Be sure not to change the location of the log file or Server Log may not be open the log file remotely.

Check out logging configuration for how to configure it format log messages.

You can access Server log file via http://log/webmbtServer.log.TO

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