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 +===== Remote Agent - Silk4Test =====
 +You can integrate //TestOptimal// with //Silk4Test// through InvokeJava feature in //Silk4Test//. The solution described below was contributed by Kgan Varsha of Intuit:
 +//Step 1// InvokeJava calls the constructor method of the Java class to create a new instance of the specified Java GUI object to manipulate. So, say, my java class is, then InvokeJava in silk calls the constructor of
 +Example: [] xCheckBox.TheCheckBox.InvokeJava (MyRemoteAgent,"....","....")
 +Hence, The control goes back to the constructor instead of the source execute() function and the remote command and toagent are lost.
 +So, instead of doing and execute, here is what I did:
 +     Invoke silk via command line first time with the first command from getNextCmd(..) as argument.
 +     Once response is received in the constructor, set the result by {nextRemoteCmd.setExecCompleted("exec results here");}
 +     Get the next command nextRemoteCmd = agent.getNextCmd(nextRemoteCmd);
 +     Return this new command as a result to silk.
 +     Added code in silk to process that result as if it were a command.
 +     Break this loop if agent.getNextCmd(..) returns null. So, Java and Silk talked to each other till there were no more topics left.
 +//tep 2// InvokeJava only works for Java GUI objects. So, it would throw an error 1 for the browser or any of the other objects.
 +So, I tricked it by creating another Java application to trigger InvokeJava and then onwards to switch over to my browser application.
 +//Step 3// Synchronize between receiving //TestOptimal// command and response from Silk's InvokeJava by creating the handshake between them to wait till response is received before processing.
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