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 +=====Model Version Control=====
 +//​TestOptimal//​ models contain a set of files and submodels stored under the model folder. Different aspects of the model are stored in different files and files under subfolders.  ​
 +====Model Repository=====
 +//​TestOptimal//​ provides an integrated model repository to manage the model in its entirety through //SvrMgr//. You can check in (archive) the models from different //​TestOptimal Editions// into dedicate/​shared //​SvrMgr//​. ​ The archived models can then be pushed to //Runtime// servers for deployment and execution. ​ This ensures the latest model versions are used to perform the testing.
 +====Use Other Version Repository====
 +You may use any //source code repository//​ to archive and manage the versions of the model keeping in mind that you need to treat all files inside the model as one unit of work. 
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