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 +State stereotype is used to categorize the states. Each state can be assigned a stereotype from a pre-defined list of stereotypes. The state stereotype will be displayed as a flag in the model or sequence charts.
 +The stereotype list is pre-defined in config.properties:​
 +    stateStereotypeList = [{"​code":​ "​P",​ "​desc":​ "P - Physical State"​},​ {"​code":​ "​V",​ "​desc":​ "V - Virtual State"​},​ {"​code":​ "​S",​ "​desc":​ "S - Super/​Sub-Model State"​},​ {"​code":​ "​D",​ "​desc":​ "D - Dummy State"​}]
 +You may customize stereotype list by editing "​stateStereotypeList"​ config setting.
 +By default, the state stereotype is not displayed on the model or sequence chart. To display the state stereotype on the model and sequence chart, set the model property "State Flags" by adding "​S"​.
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