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MCase Step Property

»Menu: Model / MCase View / Context Menu: Step Property

Step node represents a test step to be included in the mCaseNode. A step is a transition for Professional Edition. In Enterprise Edition, a step can be either a transition or a state.

Add Step to MCase

To add a step to a mCaseNode, drag and drop a transition or state to the mCaseNode. If you drag and drop a state in Professional Edition, it will create a step for each of the transitions in the state. In Enterprise Edition, it will just create one step for the state as the state represents all its transitions and all of its children states.

  • Description - a freetext description of the step.

State - readonly, displays the state the step was created from. Event ID - readonly, the event ID of the transition this step was created from. This field will be empty if the step was created from a state.

Click on the button “OK” to save the changes.

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