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Sub model is a self contained model that can be referenced by (included in) another model. This allows you to create reusable components. Using sub model is also a good way to reduce the complexity of the main model.

For example, if you have many web applications which share the same login page. You can create a sub model that describes the login process.

To create a submodel, just prefix the model name with “_”.

You include (reference) the sub model by attaching it to a state. This is done by selecting from the sub model dropdown list in the state property for the state. You must save the changes and re-open the main model to complete this attaching process.

The state which has the sub model attached has a visual indicator of bordered label “state”. All states from the sub model become the children states of the state the sub model is attached to. However, you may not make changes to these states from the sub model.

Changes to sub model must be done directly to the sub model. The changes will be automatically brought in to the main model next time when it is opened.

You can also attach a transition to a “final” node in the sub model. This is done by entering the state id of the state in the sub model in transition property.

The sub model can be displayed in the main model graph collapsed or expanded. This is a setting you can change in model property.

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