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You may write your own java class to access your requirements system. Since it's a java class, you can access any external systems that are accessible from java.

Your java class must provide one method with the following signature:

  public String[] myMethod(String param, String modelName);

The string returned in the array must contain two values separated by a tab “\t”: requirement id and requirement description.

Once you have written your java class, compile it and package it up in a jar file and copy the jar file to /lib/ folder.

The last step is to add your java class to config.properties to instruct TestOptimal to invoke your java class/method to retrieve the requirements. This is done via the following setting:


Note myClass must be a full java class path and class name, myMethod must only contain the method name (do not include paranthesis) and the last value myParam will be the parameter passed to your java method.

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