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 +===== FAQ: Offline Testing =====
 +//Offline Testing// in //MBT// process is to generate test cases to be consumed by external system and tools. That is, test cases are saved to a file in appropriate format which is then executed or fed into external test automation tools.
 +//seqout// tag was introduced to output the generated test sequences to a file using the syntax of any programming language. Use this tag to generate the testing scripts and codes to be executed offline or to be fed into other test automation framework and tool.
 +Below are a few examples of different output formats:
 +  - [[seqout csv|csv and tab delimited file format]]
 +  - [[seqout free form|free form format]]
 +  - [[seqout java|java code syntax]]
 +The output is written to file //seq.out// in the model folder but it can also be viewed from //​Report/​Test Case Report// menu.
 +The tag syntax is as follows:
 +    <​seqout>​
 +      <​output>​
 +        freetext, mScript method or expression
 +        ...
 +      </​output>​
 +    </​seqout>​
 +The content is placed inside <​output>​ tag and it can be expressed with either freetext, mScript method calls or mScript expression of text and method calls.
 +//seqout// tag can be placed inside <​script>​ tag and other container tags like <if> tag if necessary to control when the output is desired.
 +You may also uses [[mScript Tokens|these tokens]] to help format your output.
 +As an alternative,​ you may use mScript method [[http://​testoptimal.com/​javaDoc/​reference/​com/​webmbt/​plugin/​MbtScriptExecutor.html#​seqout(java.lang.String)|$seqout() method]] to achieve the same effect.
 +The output from <​seqout>​ tag is written to the file seq.out in the model'​s folder as the test sequence is being generated and executed.
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