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 +===== Template Model =====
 +//Template Model// is used as a template to create a new model. ​ All template models must reside within //​model/​_template//​ folder. ​
 +//Template Model// usually just has the skeleton for the model with model properties set to values that most models would like to use.  //Template Model// may not be edited (opened), however you can rename it to a different name and open it just like any other model and rename it back to its original name after you are done editing.
 +//​TestOptimal//​ comes with a set of //Template Models//​. ​ Do not delete or rename these //Template Models//​. ​ You may create your own //Template Models// to suite your needs.  ​
 +Be aware //Template Models// may be overridden when you apply the updates. ​
 +  ​
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