Test Output File

Model property Test Output File sets the name of the output file to write out <seqout> tag and xml comments <!– comments… –>.

This is an alternative to using SeqOut Plugin to generate test case report. You can dynamically disable and enable this feature within mScript with $disableCommentToSeqOut() and $enableCommentToSeqOut().

Customization is not valid when used with SeqOut Plugin.

Customization is done by editing the following template file in folder www/MbtSvr/config folder:

  • CommentOutput.html - html output
  • CommentOutput.txt - text file output

Customize Html Output Format

The default output format is:

<ul style="list-style:none;">

You can edit the above html code as long as you preserve all of the keywords:

  • »CONTENT» - anything before this will be output as is
  • «CONTENT« - anything after this will be output as is
  • @CONTENT_ROW@ - will be replaced with actual content from each row produced by MScript comment tags.

Customize Text Output Format

The default output format is:

Test Execution Comment Output by Model MScript Comments
================== END ====================

The keywords are the same as html output file format.

Output File

The output file is written to report folder in the model folder. The output file is re-written by each execution. So if you need to keep the output file, you must make a copy or move the output file to another folder/sub-folder.


The customized template files will be overridden when you install upgrades. You must re-apply the customization. It is recommended that you make a copy of these templates and store them outside TestOptimal installation so that they can be re-created easily after each upgrade.

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