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 +===== TestOptimal Server Customization=====
 +You may customize JVM and //​TestOptimal//​ server startup arguments by editing //​startTestOptimalServer.bat//​ on Windows or //​startTestOptimalServer.sh//​ on linux/mac.
 +====JVM Arguments====
 +JVM arguments must be specified right after //java// command and before the java class name. Below are a few examples, for more details about the use of JVM argument, enter //java -help// on your os.
 +  * //​-XmsNNNm//:​ to specify the minimum JVM heap size, e.g. //​-Xms256m//​ to set minimum JVM heap size to 256MB
 +  * //​-XmxNNNm//:​ to specify the maximum JVM heap size, e.g. //​-Xmx512m//​ to set maximum JVM heap size to 512MB
 +==== Server Arguments====
 +  * //-port NNNN//: to change TestOptimal server listening port number, e.g. -port 8880 to change server port number to 8880 which changes the url to your ide to: http://​localhost:​8880/​
 +  - //-dbPort NNNN//: to change TestOptimal db server listening port number. By default, db server port number is set to 1 plus server port number.
 +  * //-dbBase directory//:​ to change the default db directory, the default is /H2DB/.
 +  * //-logLevel level//: to set the system log level, e.g. -logLevel INFO.
 +    * SEVERE (highest value)
 +    * WARNING
 +    * INFO
 +    * CONFIG
 +    * FINE
 +    * FINER
 +    * FINEST (lowest value)
 +  * //​-mscriptLogLevel level//: to set the log level for MScript log. 
 +  * //​-domain//:​ for //SvrMgr// only.  This is used if //SvrMgr// and //Runtime Servers// are not running in the same network domain. ​
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