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 +===== SystemTray Console=====
 +//​TestOptimal SystemTray Console// allows you to conveniently administrate //​TestOptimal Server//​. ​ This includes start and stop server, check for updates, apply updates and view console log. Refer to [[Auto Start & System Tray Icon Installation|Auto Start & SystemTray Console Installation]] for installation instruction.
 +To access the Sys Tray, right mouse click on {{http://​testoptimal.com/​images/​favicon.ico.png}}. A context popup menu should be displayed:
 +Select the appropriate action by clicking on the menu item.
 +  * //Start Server//: start //​TestOptimal Server//. This menu item will be disabled if //​TestOptimal Server// is already started.
 +  * //Stop Server// - stop //​TestOptimal Server//. This menu item will be disabled if //​TestOptimal Server// is not running.
 +  * //Quit// - stop/exit //​SystemTray Console//. It does not stop //​TestOptiaml Server// if the server is running. You may restart system tray icon by running //​startSysTray.bat//,​ or logoff Windows and login back in.
 +  * //Show Log// - open //​SystemTray Console// log window like [[http://​testoptimal.com/​img/​sysTrayConsole.png| this]].
 +  * //Open IDE// - open //​TestOptimal IDE// using your default browser.
 +  * //Check Updates// - check //​TestOptimal//​ website if there is a software release/​update available.
 +  * //Apply Updates// - install software updates, this menu item will be enabled after //Check Updates// is performed and there is software updates available for your installation.
 +On any server error (start/​stop) or any system status changes, a popup context message will be displayed next to {{http://​testoptimal.com/​images/​favicon.ico.png}} (Windows only), on Mac, the //​SystemTray Console// icon will bounce.
 +To hide the Console window, just click on the minimize control or close control.
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