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 +   **Objectives:** test web app, use of super state (submodel), mCase and optional transitions.
 +   **MBT Model:**
 +TestOptimal main screen consists of usual links, buttons, dynamically generated html elements using jQuery, iframes, input fields, etc. Through this demo, you may find it pretty easy to test a web application if it's designed with testing in mind. The model created will test **//TestOptimal//** screen navigation.
 +This demo includes the following components:
 +  * **//TestOptimal//** browser.
 +  * MBT model for **//TestOptimal//** screen navigation.
 +  * [[|mScript]].
 +Downloaded this model from [[|here]] and save it (*.mbt) to //model// folder.
 +Working on a large model could be very challenging. The use of super state (sub model) is an effective way to partition your model into smaller models. In this demo model, we group tab pages by which of left or right panel it belongs to. I am sure you can easily think of other ways to model this application.
 +You can use this demo app to try different test scenario like testing a submodel or a group of states or transitions through mCase. Experiment it with different optimal sequencers to see how they work.
 +Please note that in order to run this model to test itself, we have to start a different**//TestOptimal//** session. This is done through a simple javascript to set the attachIpAddress cookie to a specific value. So, before running this demo, make sure you have enabled cookies on the browser which you will be using to test (drive) **//TestOptimal//** browser (not the browser you use to open this demo).
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