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 +===== Running TestOptimal on VM =====
 +You may run //​TestOptimal//​ server on VM machines. ​ Be aware that you may need to use right system option to bring up //​TestOptimal//​ especially in Windows VM to ensure it allows interaction with the desktop ui.
 +==== Windows VM====
 +If you use //psexec// utility to remotely start //​TestOptimal//,​ be sure to use "​-i"​ (default session 0).  In some cases you may need to further specify the session number by using "-i 1" or "-i 2", etc. to explicitly set the session number to allow the runtime OS started to operate with the correct interaction with the VM. Ref: [[http://​forum.sysinternals.com/​psexec-not-using-userid-pass-windows-7_topic24013.html]]
 +==== Licensing ====
 +//​TestOptimal//​ licenses are issued to a specific host/ip address and port#​. ​ This requires that VM have the static ip address in order for //​TestOptimal//​ server to function correctly.
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