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 +===== WHILE Tag=====
 +//while// tag is similar to [[ifTag|if tag]], it executes the command tags in its body until the condition evaluates to false.
 +==== Syntax ====
 +The syntax for //while// tag is:
 +    <while value1="​expression1"​ op="​comparator"​ value2="​expression2"​
 +           ​maxLoopNum="​expression3"​ loopVar="​varName">​
 +       <​!-- add other command tags --!>
 +    </​while>​
 +//if// tag shares most of the attributes with [[assertTag|assert tag]].
 +//​maxLoopNum//​ is used to set a limit of number of loops for the while loop. This is useful to avoid infinite loop due to false logic. Usually you would assign a numeric number, but you may also use //mscript// expression. Set it to 0 or blank to remove this restriction.
 +//loopVar// (rel 3.1.18) when set will create the user variable with the name specified in its value and its value populated with the loop count (starts at 0). See example:
 +    <action code="​$setVar('​var1',​ '​1'​)"/>​
 +    <while value1="​$getVar('​var1'​)"​ op="​lt"​ value2="​10"​ maxLoopNum="​5"​ loopVar="​loopCount">​
 +        <log msg="​var1:​ $increment('​var1'​),​ loopCount: $getVar('​loopCount'​)"/>​
 +    </​while>​
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