Model-Based Testing & Process Automation

Intelligent (AI) Test Case Generation
Model-Driven Process & Workflow Automation
Adaptive to Changes

Super Charge Your Testing & Automation Process

Algorithm-based path generation to test and automate processes
All-in-One IDE / Studio for modeling, scripting, debugging and test execution
Powerful graphs to visualize test cases and process automation paths
Repurpose and aggregate models for workflow automation and load/stress testing

Agile Iterative Testing & Process Automation

  • Incrementally build up models from user stories in each iteration
  • Algorithm-based path generation directly from models:
    • achieve different test coverage
    • perform targeted scenario testing
    • construct process path to automate
  • Track requirement coverage and passed/failed test cases
  • Model changes are automatically incorporated into test cases
  • Automatic data collection for dashboard and KPI reporting

Download TestOptimal MBT

Windows: download
Mac / Linux: download
Docker: docker run -p8888:8888 testoptimal/mbt:7.0.3