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Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Configuration

»Menu: Model / Config ALM

TestOptimal can integrate with Requirements Systems and Defect Tracking System to bring in requirements into model and automatically raise the defect or resolve defect during model execution. This function requires ALM Plugin.

Requirements System

If you store requirements in excel document or a text file, you can set up TestOptimal IDE to bring in the requirements when the model is open. The requirement list is then available in the State Property, Transition Property and MScript Editor to be associated with state, transition or mscript assert tag.

Besides the file based integration, TestOptimal also supports integration with JamaContour through JIRA as shown in the list below.

Defect Tracking System

JIRA is an open source defect tracking system. Once the integration to JIRA is configured, the defects found during the model execution will be raised and registered in JIRA automatically at the end of the model execution. If the defect is fixed, it will also automatically resolve the defect in JIRA.

The defect is identified with the assertID which are specified in assert tag or the state/transition id. So far, Jira is supported, integration with other defect system will be developed based on demand.

SSL Certificate Installation

The integration with JIRA requires SSL certificate installed on your computer. The SSL certificate is located in bin folder with file name cacert.crt.

To install the certificate, run the installSSL.bat. When prompted for password, enter changeit.

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