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Data Design Plugin/Edition

Data Design plugin provides rule-based combinatorial test data design capabilities. This plugin is an add-on to BasicMBT, ProMBT and EnterpriseMBT editions.

Data Design edition is a standalone application that provides the same capabilities as Data Design plugin and it is licensed separately.

MScript Functions

Test Data Design Feature Highlights

Starting DataDesigner

There are two ways to open DataDesigner. You can open DataDesigner in a standalone browser or in a new browser window from TestOptimal IDE.

  • Standalone Appp - enter this URL into your browser address field: http://localhost:8888/MbtSvr/DataSetEditor.html
  • From TestOptimal IDE
    • click on menu File/New DataSet to create/edit a new dataset
    • drill down to _dataSetLib folder and click on existing dataset name to edit the dataset

DataDesigner Screenshot

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