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FileList TabS

FileList Tab allows you to navigate through the model folder and perform actions on the model.


TestOptimal stores models in model folder and sub-folders under model folder. Folders are displayed first before the listing of models.

The header section shows the path to the current folder . There is a button on the left of the folder path that allows you to move up to the parent folder. The folder name Root indicates that you are at the top of the model folder.

You can drill into folders by clicking on the folder name.

To open a model, just click on the model name.

Model/folder listing can be sorted by column. Click on the column header to toggle the sorting between ascending and descending order.

The search field above column name header is used for searching models by name. Models with names containing the string entered in the search field are returned. Search is case insensitive.

You may refresh model list by clicking on .

Context Menus

Right-mouse click on the current folder name on the header section brings up the current folder context menu.

  • Clean Up - purges the models marked (with _DELETED_ in the model name) in the current model.
  • Batch Run - opens Batch Run dialog.
  • Batch Deploy - opens Batch Deploy dialog.

Right-mouse click on the folder name in the list brings up the sub-folder context menu.

  • Delete - deletes the folder.
  • Paste - pastes the model in the pasteboard into the sub-folder.
  • Move - moves the model in the pasteboard into the sub-folder.

Create Folder

Folders can be created with File / New Folder menu. You will be prompted to enter the name for the new folder. Only use the valid characters for the folder name. Avoid using punctuation character and symbols in the folder name.

Folder name must be unique within the current folder.

All models are stored in “model” folder under TestOptimal installation home directory. Folder created is reflected as a folder under “model”.

Model List

Models are stored in folders. FileList Tab lists models in the current folder alphabetically. You can re-sort the models by clicking on the sort symbol next to the column label.

Column Plugin Name shows the names of the plugin used by the model. This can help you quickly identify models using a specific plugin.

You can open the model by clicking on the model name. If IDE already has another model open and has pending changes unsaved to disk, it will alert you that you have pending changes that must be save. If there is no pending changes detected for the current model, it will push that model to the background and switch to the model clicked.

Relocate Model Folder

“model” folder can be relocated outside TestOptimal installation home directory for various reasons including wanting to place “model” in a network share that is being backed up, to share with different TestOptimal installations (editions).

To move “model” folder outside TestOptimal installation directory, edit the following config property in config.properties file:


where N is your network share drive. Please note that “model” must not be renamed.

Keep in mind that model will be “locked” when it's first open by any TestOptimal IDE. This is to ensure that only one ProMBT can edit the model. Other ProMBT can still open the same model but will be in readonly mode.

Context Menu

Right-mouse click on the model name brings up model context menu. Some of the menus may only be visible when certain condition is met.

  • Restore - restores current model from its last backup.
  • Delete - marks the model deleted by renaming it with a prefix _DELETED_. Models marked deleted can be purged (permanently deleted) from the folder with cleanup.
  • Copy/Cut - copies the model to the pasteboard. The model can then be either pasted (made a copy) or moved.
  • Run - opens and automatically runs the model.
  • Deploy - archives the model in SvrMgr.

Search Models

FileList Tab provides a search field that allows you to find the models with matching model name.

You can search for a model that contains a certain text using the search field. You may also use Regular Expression.

All models with the model name matching the text entered in the search field will be displayed alphabetically replacing the model list. The path to the folder where the model is found is also shown next to the model name.

Use File List tab to open, delete, restore or import model. The models are sorted by model (file) name.

By default security is NOT enabled. It is highly recommended that you enable security to protect your models from unauthorized changes.

You may resort the models and sub-folders by clicking on the sort buttons next to the column label.

Import Models

You can import model in the follwing formats:

To import the model, select File / Import menu. Select the correct format from the drop-down list, enter the location of the file or use Browse button to locate the file. Click on Import button to start the import.

Right after the import operation, you must save the model and re-open the model before making any changes to the model.

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