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License Keys Tab

License Keys Tab, a tab page in Server Manager, allows you to manage license keys for all TestOptimal Runtime servers. You can add, remove or edit license keys as well as check for license key usage.

Add New License

To add a new license, click on Server / Add License menu to bring up Add License dialog:

License Name must be a unique name, this is used to help you identify the license keys.

Enter the license email and license keys which you have received for the Runtime server(s).

You may enter a category code to reserve the license key for certain Runtime servers. For example you may have a Runtime license key that allows more plugin options to run on a specific host and you can use the category code to instruct Server Manager to only assign this license key to the Runtime server with the matching category code.

For float license keys (ProMBT, Enterprise), you must enter the email address of the user who will be using this license in Cat Code field. This allows ProMBT server to obtain the correct license key from SvrMgr.

Any Runtime server added by Server List Tab are automatically configured to be managed by Server Manager.

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