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Manage License

»Menu: Help / Manage License

Manage License allows you to view and enter license key or request a trial license key. It also shows your TestOptimal installation attributes and the plugins your license is authorized.

General Information

Manage License can be accessed from menu Help, select Manage License menu item. Manage License will also automatically open when it detects the license has expired, missing or invalid.

Internet connection is required to change and save license key. If you get any error messages when you click on Save button, please double check that you have the internet connection from your computer.

Some companies use internet proxy server to control the internet connection from all computers within the company network. If this is the case, you will need to set up a proxy server configuration in TestOptimal to allow TestOptimal server to connect to the internet.

Float Licenses

Float licenses are managed through SvrMgr. They must be registered /added to License Key and are referenced / used by ProMBT, Runtime, EnterpriseMBT and Dashboard editions.

To use float a license, enter the following:

  • Email - email the license was issued to
  • License Key -

Float licenses are checked out by each TestOptimal edition server. You can view the float license usage in License Key.

Field Description

  • Server URL - the url you can use to access this server
  • Email Address- required field, it should contain the email address for which the license key was issued to. For float licenses (required Server Manager), enter the value matching the 'Category' of the license you wish to use from (required Server Manager).
  • License Key - license key. For security reason, this field is hidden when accessing from remote PC (i.e. not using localhost to access TestOptimal browser). For float licenses (required Server Manager), enter http://'SvrMgr host':'port'/edition='edition', where edition can be 'Runtime', 'ProMBT' or 'Enterprise'.
  • Expiration Date - readonly field, shows the date the license will expire or had expired. Only trial license and subscription-based license have expiration date.
  • License Sessions - number of concurrent model executions licensed
  • License Threads- number of virtual users/threads licensed.
  • Edition - TestOptimal edition licensed
  • OS Name - name of the Operating System on which the TestOptimal server is running on.
  • OS Version - Operating System's version number.
  • Java Version - JDK version number.
  • TestOptimal Version - TestOptimal release version. TestOptimal release version follows the convention of major.minor.build.
  • Plugins - authorized plugins.

Request Trial License Key

Trial Licnese Key is sent to your email when you submit the trial request. If you did not receive the trial license key or have any problem entering the trial license key, please contact us at: http://testoptimal.com/support or send email directly to support@testoptimal.com.

Internet Proxy Server Setup

If you get an error when you click on Save button, most likely that your computer may not be connected to the internet or your computer is connected to internet through Internet Proxy Server.

If your computer is connected to an internet proxy server to access internet, you must configure TestOptimal server to connect to the proxy server. Please refer to Internet Proxy Server Setup for more details.

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