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Execute & Debug Models

To execute a model, just click on . Depending on which plugin you selected (Selenium or HtmlUnit), you may or may not see the actual browser starting up to run your application.

You can also run your model without executing MScript. You can so by clicking on the sidebar button AUT. By default, AUT Mode is enabled. By disabling AUT Mode, the AUT will not be invoked when model executes (applicable to automation models only), it just generates the test sequences from the model and write them to SeqTrace tab.

You can step through your model when you use “Debug” execution . You can start debug and step through the model from different places in TestOptimal IDE.

You can step through the execution in one of the following ways:

  • execute until next breakpoint (either on transition or on mScript line) by pressing
  • step over to next state/transition by pressing
  • step over mScript line by line by pressing
  • step over mScript by number of lines or to a specific line by pressing

You can find more information about these options at Model Execution Buttons (sidebar buttons)

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