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Monitor Tab

Monitor tab shows the MBT execution progress status. The stats include the execution status, estimation of execution progress %, model coverage and many others.

Monitor tab refreshes automatically while the MBT execution is in-progress. The longest refresh interval is 5 minutes. You may reset the refresh interval by clicking on the refresh mini button .

MBT Execution Status

  • Status - MBT execution status, STARTED, PAUSED, ENDED or ERRORED.
  • Debug - true or false if MBT execution was started with Debug or normal Start.
  • DryRun - true or false if MBT execution was started with DryRun.
  • MBT Mode - MBT sequencer selected
  • Iterations - number of times to repeat the MBT execution. This is specified in MBT Setting.
  • Virtual Users - number of virtual users (threads). This is specified in MBT Setting.
  • Stop Coverage - coverage percentage when achieved to stop MBT execution.
  • Stop Traversal - minimum number of transition traversals when achieved to stop MBT execution.
  • Stop Coverage - amount of time (elapse time) MTB execution is allowed to run.

MBT Execution Progress

  • Start Time - date and time when MBT execution was started.
  • Elapse Time - how long MBT has been executing.
  • End Time - date and time when MBT execution completed or errored.
  • Progress - progress bar showing MBT execution completion in percentage. TestOptimal uses the model statistics collected to calculate the estimated completion percentage.
  • Threads - number of threads currently running.
  • Remaining: estimated time remaining to complete the MBT execution.
  • JVM Memory - shows the amount of JVM heap memory in use and total amount of memory available (allocated). This percentage will fluctuate up and down and occassionally up to 100%. This is normal as long as the percentage does not constantly stay on 90+%.
  • Exceptions - number of MBT exceptions had occurred. You may request MBT to take a snapshot of the application by clicking the “SnapScreen” link.
  • Exec Script - to execute MScript methods dynamically for debugging purpose. The model execution must be in Pause state. The label “Exec Script” is a link that takes you to the mScript wiki page.(Release 3.0)

Testing Coverage

  • Traversals - number of traversal had occurred on state or transition.
  • Covered - number of state or transition had been visited. If a state or transition is traversed more than one time, it's only counted once.
  • Un-Covered - number of states or transitions that have not been covered.
  • Coverage - test coverage of states or transitions.


Performance stats are collected for each thread by both state and transition traversals on count of total traversals, rate of traversals and exceptions. A summarized stats are also collected for all threads. To achieve a uniform comparable performance stats, the performance unit is introduced which allows you to assign a weight for each state/transition such that the state/transitions that have heavy processing can be compared with states/transitions that have very little processing.

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