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Screen Recording

Often times you may wish to record AUT as it's being tested. Screen Recording allows you to record the screenshot of AUT while the model is executing programmatically in MScript. The recorded screenshots of the AUT can be archived and played back after the model execution.

Be aware that screen recording can generate lots of screenshots which can take up a lot of disk space.


Screen recordings can be played back through File / Playback (details see Playback Screen Recording).

Start / Stop Screen Recording

Screen recording is a global setting. You must enable it to start the screen recording and the screen recording will continue until it is explicitly disabled/stopped or until TestOptimal Server is restarted.

By default, screen recording is disabled. You can enable screen recording by calling MScript function $startScreenRecording('name').

To stop screen recording, call MScript function $stopScreenRecording().

You will usually place $startScreenRecording('name') in MBT_Start trigger and $stopScreenRecording() in MBT_end trigger.

Control Recording Interval

By default, AUT snapshot is taken every 200 milliseconds. You may adjust this interval by calling MScript function $setScreenRecordingInterval('number of milliseconds').

This setting is global and will remain in effect until $setScreenRecordingInterval('millis') is called again with a new value or until TestOptimal Server is restarted.

File Location

AUT screenshot image files are stored in a folder in video folder.

You may delete a specific video folder. But be sure to leave Default folder alone as it's used by the system.

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