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ScreenShot Tab

TestOptimal allows your script and on-demand to take a snapshot of your web application during MBT execution. Depending on which plugin you selected, the screenshot might be in html or png. This tab displays the screenshot files generated for the model and allows you to view and remove screenshots taken by the model.

Take Screenshot

There are three ways to take a screenshot of AUT: manually, automatically, and programmatically.

  • Manually: while MBT execution is in-progress, click on snapScreen link on Monitor Tab
  • Automatically: add this MScript to On Error and/or On Failure triggers: <action code=“$snapScreen()”/>
  • Programmatically: add the same MScript above to anywhere in any of MScript triggers where you would like to have the screenshot of AUT taken.

Manage Screenshot Files

The screenshot files are stored in snapScreen folder in the model's foder. It is recommended to purge and clean up old screenshot files to avoid filling up disk space.

You can delete old screen files for the model by checking the checkboxes next to the file you want deleted and click on the Delete button.

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