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SeqTrace Tab

Sequence Log tab shows the test sequence (state and transition traversal sequence) MBT sequencer generated from the model with the selected sequencer. Use this SeqTrace to find when and where in the MBT exception occurred a particular transition traversal has occurred. You may also use this SeqTrace to capture the test sequence and feed it to your testing frame work although there are other alternatives for accomplishing the same.

You can filter this list to only show states or transitions. If the execution has multiple threads (virtual users), youhave the option to filter the list down to a specific thread.

Show Exception

Any traversals (states or transitions) with exceptions (failures) are highlighted in yellow. Clicking on the highlighted row will bring up the details of the exceptions that have occurred on that particular traversal (again either state or transition).

For each exception in the exception details popup, it shows the exception message followed by location in the script (line number) and if a screenshot of AUT was taken at that moment, a link will be provided to open the snapscreen.

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