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Server Manager Edition

Server Manager Edition is a separate licensed application that manages TestOptimal runtime servers running on remote hosts and served as a central model repository. It is also a central license key store managing float / network licenses for runtime servers, ProMBT and Enterprise editions.


Server Manager contains a series of application menus and a set of tabs. Each tab shows different aspects of the runtime servers, license usage, server and execution stats as well as models in the model repository.

Application Menus

Just like TestOptimal IDE, Server Manager is a browser based application with a series of application menus on the upper right corner of the IDE.

File Menu

  • Compact DB - compact database to reduce the database size for optimal performance. Server Manager uses a relational database to store and manage Runtime servers and models. Run Compact DB on a regular basis to keep the database size to a minimum.
  • Logoff - disconnect IDE from the server and close IDE (on supported browsers).

Server Menu

  • Add License - to add a new Runtime license key
  • Add Server - to add a new Runtime server
  • Sync Models- to push model archives to all Runtime servers
  • Batch Exec - to dispatch a batch of models for execution on Runtime servers
  • Renew License All Server - to update license on Runtime servers
  • Start All Servers - to start all Runtime servers that are configured for auto start
  • Stop All Servers - to stop all Runtime servers.
  • Interrupt All Servers - to interrupt all model executions on all Runtime servers

Log Menu

  • Console Log - to open IDE log window
  • Server Log - to open Server Manager log window


  • Online Help - takes you to this wiki site.
  • Discussion Forum - takes you to the TestOptimal Discussion Group / Forum.
  • Contact Support - takes you to the TestOptimal Tech Support page where you can submit your question to our support staff.
  • Configure Server - opens Config dialog to view or edit system configuration and settings.
  • Reset IDE Layout - resets all panes to their factory-default sizes.
  • Manage License - opens Manage License dialog to enter or update license key and request trial license key.
  • Check for Updates - checks for software updates. Refer to SysTray Console for how to apply software updates.
  • About TestOptimal - opens About TestOptimal dialog.

Tab Pages

Server Manager contains 4 tab pages:

  1. Server List - displays TestOptimal servers, remote start/stop TestOptimal servers
  2. Server Stats- displays stats charts of TestOptimal server usages
  3. License Keys - manages license keys for runtime TestOptimal servers.
  4. Model List - displays a list of model archives and pushes model archives to all Runtime servers.
  5. Exec Batch - displays model execution batches and provides access to the stats of model executions in the batch

Open Tab in Separate Window

Like tabs in TestOptimal IDE, each tab page can be opened in a separate browser window (or tab depending on your browser setup) by clicking on on the upper right corner of the tab label.

After a tab is opened in a separate browser window/tab, the tab in IDE will be disabled. Closing the separate window will enable the tab in IDE.

Remotely Start Runtime Servers

Server Manager can start TestOptimal servers remotely using OS specific utility packages, for example Microsoft PsExec for Windows and rexec for unix/linux.

These packages must be downloaded and installed separately on the computer running Server Manager. Click on the links above for more information.

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