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SideBar contains a set of mini control buttons that allows you to conveniently access IDE functions and control the model execution. It is only be displayed when a model is open.

Tab Control consists of a set of mini buttons shown on the right of the tab title line. Use these controls to perform refresh tab window, resize the tabs and enable/disable tabs.

Tab Controls

Mini buttons shown on the tab title line allows you to control the active tab in each work area. For example, refresh the active tab, maximize active tab and reset tab layout to its initial size.

  • / - indicates if there are pending changes to the model to be save to disk: orange for pending changes and blue for no pending changes. Click on the button to save the changes to disk.
  • AUT - indicates whether to invoke AUT during model execution: blue background color indicates to invoke AUT. Click to toggle this indicator.
  • Mark - indicates whether to cover only the states and transitions that are marked when model is executed: blue background color indicates Mark mode is activated. There are several Mark sequence mode, clicking on Mark to bring up the dialog to choose a Mark mode or clear Mark mode.
  • Cov - indicates whether to show execution coverage on the model during debug or play/animate execution. Click on this butto to toggle.
  • - starts model execution.
  • - starts model execution in debug mode.
  • - starts modelexecution in animate mode.
  • - stops the model execution.
  • - pauses the model execution.
  • - steps in through each mScript line.
  • - step over to next traversal (state or transition).
  • - steps to a specific mscript line or step forward a number of mscript lines.
  • - opens Execute MScript Expression During Debugging in a separate window.
  • - opens Model Graph in a separate window.
  • - opens Traversal Graph in a separate window
  • - opens Coverage Graph in a separate window
  • - opens Message Sequence Chart (MSC) in a separate window.

IDE Shortcut Keys

Each mini button invokes a specific IDE function which is implemented by the application menus. Like application menus, they can also be assigned a IDE Shortcut Keys. A visual indicator will be displayed to the right of the button if a shortcut key is assigned.

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