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SikuliUIA Plugin

Sikuli Plugin provides a set of mscript functions for interacting with any type of UI Applications. Due to the nature of using image to identify the UI control, the performance will be a little bit slower.

MScript Functions

This plugin is currently in beta.

Enable Sikuli Plugin

To use Sikuli plugin, open the model properties, locate Sikuli plugin and check the checkbox next to the plugin.

Sikuli plugin can be used with other plugins together to build a comprehensive test automation suite to test multiple applications of different types simultaneously. It is commonly used to complement WinUIA and Selenium plugins to accomplish automation on hard to identify UI elements.

UI Images

Sikuli uses images to identify UI controls. The images must be png.

Image files must be stored in /uimap/ subfolder within the model folder.

Use UI Map Tab to generate images for the UI controls.

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