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State UI displays a snapshot of AUT. Below shows a portion of the window with context menu displayed on a UI control.


The UI control is highlighted when you mouse over. You can display the properties of the UI control by right mouse context menu “New/Edit Element” which should bring up the following UI Control Property dialog window:


At the dialog window above, you can define an UI element which can then be referenced in mScript function as the locator like 'map=myBtn'.

The locator is defaulted to id=xyz if the control has AutomationId assigned. Otherwise, it is defaulted to an xpath using the bounds of the control like Control[@Bounds=120,20,20,10] . You can also manually enter the locator using any of the control's properties. If you need to see the control's hierarchy, you can bring up the list of controls in XML with right mouse context menu of the window (right mouse click on white space of the window). testoptimal.com_img_winui_ctxmenu.jpg For each control property, there is a text field to the right which is used to specify a specific value you are expecting which gets validated each time this screen/state is visited. If you are building the model for an existing AUT, you can create transitions on the control that has been defined as an element in the above steps. You can do with the right mouse context menu item “New Transition” for the control. A new transition will be created in the model.(An experimental feature)

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