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Requirement Tag Stats

Requirement Tags are assigned to each state and transition or registered by MScript. Statistics on these tags are automatically collected as the model is executed.

The stats collected include number of times each tag is traversed, how many of the traversals are passed or failed and even the failure messages raised by the application.

You may embed a priority code to the tag id by prefixing it with:

  • C - Critical
  • H - High
  • M - Medium
  • L - Low

For example, H:1.3

The counts are hyper links. When clicked, it displays the detailed validation check results corresponding to the tag, see an example

Tag Validation Check

You may also dynamically add tag validation checks anywhere in MScript.

The stats on tags assigned to states and transitions are automatically collected. At times you may need to collect stats or track validation checks on a finer level of requirement item.

You can do so by calling mScript method $addTagExec('tagID', 'pass/fail', 'message'), typically in the <assert> tag or inside <if> tag where validation failures are detected.

For example:

  <assert value1="$getText('loginErrorMsg')" op="eq" value2="" 
          passed="Login successful $addTagExec('login.success', 'pass', 'login successful')" 
          else="L1: Login failed: VALUE1"/>

If the assert is successful, it logs the message to mScript log “Login successful”. If it fails, it raises the L1 level failure with message “Login failed: error message” which is collected and tallied for the tag id “login.success”.

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