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SystemTray Console

TestOptimal SystemTray Console allows you to conveniently administrate TestOptimal Server. This includes start and stop server, check for updates, apply updates and view console log. Refer to Auto Start & SystemTray Console Installation for installation instruction.

To access the Sys Tray, right mouse click on . A context popup menu should be displayed:

Select the appropriate action by clicking on the menu item.

  • Start Server: start TestOptimal Server. This menu item will be disabled if TestOptimal Server is already started.
  • Stop Server - stop TestOptimal Server. This menu item will be disabled if TestOptimal Server is not running.
  • Quit - stop/exit SystemTray Console. It does not stop TestOptiaml Server if the server is running. You may restart system tray icon by running startSysTray.bat, or logoff Windows and login back in.
  • Show Log - open SystemTray Console log window like this.
  • Open IDE - open TestOptimal IDE using your default browser.
  • Check Updates - check TestOptimal website if there is a software release/update available.
  • Apply Updates - install software updates, this menu item will be enabled after Check Updates is performed and there is software updates available for your installation.

On any server error (start/stop) or any system status changes, a popup context message will be displayed next to (Windows only), on Mac, the SystemTray Console icon will bounce.

To hide the Console window, just click on the minimize control or close control.

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