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UI Repository (UIRepo)

»Menu: File / UIRepo

UIRepo is a central repository of reusable and shareable UI Pages. Using UIRepo allows you to build a common pages to be tested by different models. For example, your login page may be tested by functional testing models as well as smoke testing models. The same login UI Page can then be imported into each model to perform user login.

UI Page/Element List

UI Pages are listed on the left panel of the screen. Clicking on UI Page to expand and collapse UI Page.

You can batch delete UI Pages and UI Elements by checking the checkbox next to UI Page and/or UI Elements and clicking on “Delete” button on the toolbar.

UI Page

Each UI Page is identified by a user-assigned page name. Page name must be unique among all other UI Pages.

UI Page can be a webpage or UI window on Windows. Select the appropriate UI Category from the dropdown list.

For “Web UI” UI Page, set the AUT web address on field “AUT URL”. The Open link to the right opens AUT webpage in a separate browser window. If Firefox browser is used, UICapture - Firefox add-on will be open to allow you to capture UI elements from AUT webpage.

UI Page consists of one or more UI Elements.

Tags can be assigned to UI Page. Enter multiple tags using comma as tag separator.

Tags are searchable. Enter a tag in Filter field to only show UI Pages that have been assigned the specified tag.

UIRepo tracks the usage of UI Page as they are imported into models. Models using UI Page are listed under “Model References” field. A green vertical bar on the right indicates that UI Page has been used by at least one model.

You may delete current UI Page by clicking on Delete button.

You must save the changes before selecting another UI Page or UI Element to view/edit.

UI Element

UI Elements make up a UI Page. They are identified by their Element ID.

For test automation purpose, UI Element must be assigned an Element Type matching their html tags.

UI Element can be created in two ways:

  1. Use “New Elem” in toolbar

New UI Element is added to the currently selected UI Page.

UICapture creates UI Element by spying on html tag of the element. Most of the fields may be pre-populated automatically by UICapture.

You can delete the current UI Element by clicking on Delete button.

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