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Vars Tab

Vars Tab shows the user variables and system variables in realtime during model execution.

Refresh Variables

The tab automatically refreshes during the model execution in sync with MonitorTab. You can manually refresh the page by clicking on .

Filter Variables

Filter by Type

The variables include system variables and user defined variables (in MScript). There are two check-boxes on the upper right corner of the tab. Use these two check-boxes to hide or show user variables, dataset, environment variables or system variables respectively.

Filter by Name

You may also show or hide specific variables by clicking on “hide” button or checkbox to the left of each row. Check or uncheck the box to hide the variable. Once the filter is set, only the variables with the checkbox checked will be displayed. A label on the header section shows the number of variables currently displayed out of total number of variables available.

Editing Variable/DataSet

You may change the variable value or dataset's current position by clicking on the variable value or dataset description. You will be prompted to enter a new value for the user variable or new row position for the dataset as shown below:

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