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 ====Prerequisite==== ====Prerequisite====
-  * //JDK 8// or later +  * //JDK 8// or later  ([[https://corretto.aws/downloads/latest/amazon-corretto-8-x64-windows-jdk.msi | Windows: Install OpenJDK]])
   * OS: //Windows (7 or later)// or //Mac//   * OS: //Windows (7 or later)// or //Mac//
   * Memory: at least 4GB   * Memory: at least 4GB
   * Disk Space (free): at least 2GB.   * Disk Space (free): at least 2GB.
 +  * Latest version of modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari)
 ---- ----
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 ===Windows Installation=== ===Windows Installation===
   * run (double-click) downloaded file //TestOptimal_Setup.exe// and follow the instruction   * run (double-click) downloaded file //TestOptimal_Setup.exe// and follow the instruction
-  * alternatively if you download the zip file instead, just unzip the zip file and run (double-click) startTestOptimalServer.bat+  * alternatively if you've downloaded the zip file instead, just unzip the zip file and run (double-click) startTestOptimalServer.bat
 ===Mac / Linux Installation=== ===Mac / Linux Installation===
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    brew install graphviz    brew install graphviz
-   sh [file_path/]startTestOptimalServer.sh+   start server by running //startTestOptimalServer.sh//
 ---- ----
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 ==== Browser Setup ==== ==== Browser Setup ====
-//TestOptimal// utilizes //Selenium/WebDriver// to perform browser automation. The appropriate browser driver must be present/installed, if not already installed, the system will automatically download it and thus internet is required during the download.  +//TestOptimal// utilizes //Selenium/WebDriver// to perform browser automation.  The system will automatically download the appropriate driver when it's needed and thus internet is required.  
-Alternative, you may manually copy the required browser driver package into the expected location. +Alternatively, you may copy the required browser driver into the expected location ahead of time to remove this dependency
 Check {{http://localhost:8888/api/v1/file/log/tosvr| SvrLog file}} for the location of the driver files: e.g. Check {{http://localhost:8888/api/v1/file/log/tosvr| SvrLog file}} for the location of the driver files: e.g.
    2020-05-18 13:44:40 [INFO] loading chrome driver from C:\Users\myAccount\.m2\repository\webdriver\chromedriver\win32\80.0.3987.106\chromedriver.exe    2020-05-18 13:44:40 [INFO] loading chrome driver from C:\Users\myAccount\.m2\repository\webdriver\chromedriver\win32\80.0.3987.106\chromedriver.exe
-If using Safari browser for testing AUTon Terminal window, run once to enable Safari automation:+If you are performing AUT testing on Safari browser, you will need to enable automation on Safari browser by running the following command once:
    safaridriver --enable    safaridriver --enable