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 === DB Error when running model === === DB Error when running model ===
-When running model, you may encounter DB corrupted error as shown below.  This error can be resolved by performing normal server shutdown via menu //Help / Shutdown Server// and then restarting the server. +When opening or running model, you may encounter one of following DB corrupted errors.  This error can often be resolved by performing normal server shutdown via menu //Help / Shutdown// and then restarting the server.
- +
-   File corrupted while reading record: "nio:C:/TestOptimal_Install_Dir/h2db/statsDB.mv.db". Possible solution: use the recovery tool; SQL statement: INSERT INTO MODEL (MODEL_NAME, UPDATE_DT, VERSION_NUM, SUBMIT_EMAIL) VALUES(?,?,?,?) [90030-200] +
 +   Failed to save execution stats to DB: IO Exception: "nio:C:/TestOptimal_Install_Dir/h2db/statsDB.mv.db" ...
 +   File corrupted while reading record: "nio:C:/TestOptimal_Install_Dir/h2db/statsDB.mv.db". ...
 +   The database has been closed [90098-200] 
 +If the problem persists, you will have to replace //../h2db/statsDB.mv.db// with a fresh copy of the same file from the downloaded //TestOptimal// installation zip file.