Integration with External Tools

There are several ways to integrate TestOptimal with other systems and tools, allowing you to leverage your investment in the existing test automation tools. These interfaces are:

Cloud Services

You can run your testing on Selenium-based cloud service for cross browser testing and load testing with hundreds or even thousands of virtual users:

Please refer to their website for instruction on how to set up the connection to their service.

Azure DevOps

Add a step to Azure DevOps to run models remotely using REST APIs.


TestOptimal provides a suite of REST APIs to allow 3rd party tools and applications to communicate with TestOptimal server.

You can use these REST APIs as documented at http://localhost:8888/swagger to access start and stop model execution, access model artifacts/files as well as perform system functions remotely.

Organization of REST APIs

REST APIs are grouped and organized in these categories (to match Swagger-UI):

  • Dashboard - Dashboard data: KPI and model execution statistics
  • Demo - REST API used by demo models
  • File - access to model and system files
  • Graph - generate / download graphs for model executions: model graph, coverage graph, traversal graph and test case graph (MSC)
  • Model - access to model artifacts/files
  • Stats - model execution statistics
  • System - perform system functions

Security and Authorization

Most of the REST APIs are access controlled.

Basic Auth is used to authenticate users. It is highly recommended that you enable SSL if you access TestOptimal server from the internet to prevent your user id/password from being intercepted.

Swagger UI

Swagger UI is provided for your convenience. You can access Swagger UI with the following URL:


If you are prompted to Login screen, go ahead and login and re-launch the above URL in the same browser session again.