Dashboard and KPI

Dashboard helps you track and monitor key performance indicators in your software testing process. It is customizable to fit your needs.

Dasyboard is not available for Community Edition.

The graphs are organized in groups and graph group contains individual graph from the stats/matrix and KPI. Simple customization can be accomplished with Configure Dashboard. For expert users, you can edit the config/DashboardConfig.json.

Stats and KPIs are collected by a scheduled job that runs daily at 3am. The job can be started manually by clicking on the upper-right mini-button.

Configure Dashboard

  • Project - models are grouped into projects, see Project
  • Stats Window - KPI collection interval: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.
  • KPI Name - KPI and metrx / stats to be displayed


Models are grouped into projects for reporting and summarizing into KPIs.

Dashboard graphs can be then be configured to show KPIs and stats for the project - this will require graph customization.